If you’re searching for a strain as comforting as a freshly baked pastry, get ready to be pleasantly surprised by the Apple Fritter weed strain. Loved for its orchard-inspired aroma and high average THC content, patients in Hawaii and beyond seek out this strain for its deeply relaxing and potential pain-relieving properties. And with the right amount of Apple Fritter, you may find yourself headed to the closest bakery to indulge in the real thing. 

The Apple Fritter Cannabis Strain Basics

Known for its potent and soothing effects, Apple Fritter is a hybrid strain brought to life as a cross between its parent strains, Sour Apple and Animal Cookies. This hybrid strain is reported to bring potent effects with a taste and aroma that comes off as sweet and earthy. You may also find this cannabis strain listed as “Apple Fritters” on a dispensary menu.

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Unearthing the Apple Fritter Strain’s Genetic Makeup

The Apple Fritter strain provides a harmonious fusion of genetics, offering a perfectly balanced blend of indica and sativa components. This balanced blend, a cross between Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, is believed to hail from the sunny state of California. This delicious strain was initially crafted by Lumpy’s Flowers in the early 2000s. Its reputation for fruity flavors and a pleasantly elevating experience has fueled its popularity ever since.

What Apple Fritter Looks Like

Apple Fritter is as delightful as biting into a warm apple pastry on a crisp Sunday morning. Buds from the Apple Fritter strain are a visual masterpiece of dark olive green and hints of regal purple, with vibrant orange hairs and glistening trichomes. The strain’s aroma is known to be earthy and herbal, accented by notes of apple, citrus and even a touch of diesel. But the true magic happens upon tasting this strain. As its name implies, the Apple Fritter strain offers a strong apple taste with a hint of sweet strawberry and flaky pastry dough. 

What’s the Potency and Cannabinoid Content of Apple Fritter?

With an average THC content between 20% and 23% THC, the Apple Fritter strain boasts a potent punch for patients with high tolerance levels. This high THC content accounts for the strain’s powerful and relaxing effects. Apple Fritter also features a small amount, about 1% of CBG, adding to the depths of its therapeutic potential. 

The Terpenes Profile

Apple Fritter’s captivating aroma should be credited to a duet of its two most dominant terpenes, Limonene and Caryophyllene. Caryophyllene, with its spicy and black pepper tones, offers Apple Fritter more euphoric, stress-relieving effects. Meanwhile, limonene brings the citrus and some added uplifting qualities. These two terpenes combine to create the unforgettable Apple Fritter smell beloved by patients throughout Hawaii.

Navigating Potential Side Effects of Apple Fritter

It’s important to acknowledge Apple Fritter’s effects, including any unwanted side effects, so that you can be best prepared for your session. With its high THC content, patients should be mindful of potential adverse reactions, such as anxiety or dizziness, especially if they need higher doses. The sedative properties of Apple Fritter also mean that this strain may keep you on the couch. If you want to be out and about, you may want to save Apple Fritter for nighttime use.


Moderation is crucial to avoiding potential pitfalls, especially for new patients. Take note of how much you’re consuming whenever you try Apple Fritter (or any other strain or cannabis product). Only take as much as you need to feel your desired effects and avoid overconsuming whenever possible. 

Insights Into Apple Fritter Cannabis Cultivation

Growing the Apple Fritter strain can be moderately challenging to grow, but it’s well worth it. With a flowering time of nine to 10 weeks, Apple Fritter cultivators look for dense, compact, medium-size plants and buds coated in glistening trichomes. Reaching 30 to 60 inches, this strain adapts well to indoor and outdoor environments but thrives most in warm climates. Apple Fritter plants typically need plenty of sunlight, with 40-60% humidity levels and temperatures ranging from 70 to 85°F.

Apple Fritter Strain Effects: How Will It Make You Feel?

Apple Fritter offers a complex blend of mental and physical effects. Consumers of Apple Fritter report a profound sense of happiness and euphoria, complemented by a soothing wave of calming effects. 


This strain’s powerful relaxing high may particularly appeal to medical and recreational users seeking relief from stress, anxiety, depression or chronic physical pain. It can also lead to mild sedation, which makes it a popular choice for unwinding your entire body and mind at the end of a long day.


However, it’s important to note that its high THC content does leave potential for adverse effects for those sensitive to THC. As with any cannabis strain, moderation is vital to harnessing the positive attributes of the Apple Fritter strain while minimizing undesirable effects.  

Does the Apple Fritter Strain Have Medical Benefits?

Many medical cannabis patients report finding solace in Apple Fritter as a way to manage stress and anxiety, attesting to this strain’s purported ability to melt away worries and induce a sense of whole-body relaxation. 


This cannabis strain may also be potentially beneficial in easing chronic pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects or increasing appetite due to its elevated THC content. Terpenes like beta-caryophyllene add a layer to its therapeutic appeal and contribute to the strain’s potential for anxiety, depression and inflammation relief. 


One Reddit reviewer describes the Apple Fritter strain as an excellent cannabis variety for anxiety, mild to moderate pain relief and getting in the right mind for a good night’s sleep. “I can tell it gets more sedating with use/increased dosage,” they noted, and went on to describe the strain as a perfect choice for users who prefer “sweet, cakey, and/or apple aromas and flavors.” 

Shop Apple Fritter With Noa Botanicals

Noa Botanicals offers Apple Fritter flower at our three greater Honolulu-area cannabis dispensary locations for our medical patients. Whether you’re seeking stress relief or a unique flavor experience, this delectable, excellent strain is readily available to explore and enjoy. 


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These are some of the most frequently asked questions about consuming Apple Fritter cannabis. Remember, effects may vary depending on the patient and product. It’s always a good idea to speak with one of Noa Botanicals’ budtenders if you have questions about a particular product or strain. 

Is Apple Fritter an indica or a sativa?

Apple Fritter is a balanced hybrid strain, combining indica and sativa genetics in almost equal parts. 

What does Apple Fritter feel like?

Apple Fritter is known for inducing a powerful and relaxing high. Consumers often describe feeling happy, calm and euphoric after consuming this strain. It may also lead to a sense of relaxation and stress relief, making this strain a fan favorite from shore to shore.

Is Apple Fritter rare?

While Apple Fritter may not be as common as some other strains, it has recently gained popularity. The Apple Fritter strain and products made from Apple Fritter are now found in many dispensaries across the U.S., including Noa Botanicals in Hawaii.

What precautions should I take with Apple Fritter? 

Given its high THC content, it’s a good idea to be cautious about overconsumption of the Apple Fritter strain and all cannabis strains. It’s always best to start with small doses and gradually increase as needed.

Does the Apple Fritter strain make you feel tired?

This cannabis strain’s high myrcene content and its elevated THC profile may encourage feelings of sedation, which may help if you find sleep elusive. Additionally, its beta-caryophyllene and high THC content may have anti-inflammatory effects, which may help relieve pain that may keep you up at night.

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