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New Strain: Burzt

Burzt is our 11th new strain drop of 2023! If you’re a fan of strains with delicious fruit-forward flavors and happy yet sedating-like highs, Burzt

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What are THCa Diamonds?

They’re pretty, shiny, and one of the many types of cannabis concentrates available in the cannabis market. These beautiful looking diamonds are named for their

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New Strain: Rozay Runtz

Rozay Runtz is our 10th strain of 2023! Any users who enjoy berry-forward flavor profiles and beautiful deep-purple buds should give Rozay Runtz a try.

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New Strain: The Doggy Bagg

Our 8th new strain drop of 2023 is a hybrid strain, born from a collaboration between Snoop Dogg, Cookies, and Grandiflora. This exclusive collab originally

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Hi-Biscus new medical cannabis strain

New Strain: Hi-Biscus

Introducing Hi-Biscus – A New Cannabis Strain Hi-Biscus is our 6th new strain drop of 2023. If you’re looking for a fruity, flavor-packed cocktail of

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