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Budtender review:  

“Both the effects and name are what attract me – Malasadaz sounds ono (delicious). The inhale has pungent skunky undertones with tastes of sugar berries at the exhale — absolutely beautiful flower. I love to smoke Malasadaz flower after work or with my morning coffee at the beach. This strain hits all my pain needs while elevating my mood.” 

A person holding up a small piece of marijuana.

Strain Aroma

The first thing you’ll likely notice with Malasadaz is its distinctive aroma. It blends the pungent, skunky undertones with a surprising sweetness reminiscent of sugar berries. The combined scent offers a harmonious mix of freshness and depth, inviting you to inhale deeply.

Strain Flavor

When it comes to flavor, Malasadaz doesn’t hold back. It teases the taste buds with the sweet, creamy sugar essence, followed by the delightful taste of sugar berries during the exhale. This unique flavor profile makes it a must-try for seasoned and novice consumers.

Visual Strain Profile

Malasadaz boasts a stunning appearance. Its buds are intricately structured, showcasing a vibrant play of colors. As you inspect the flower, you can’t help but appreciate its long orange hairs, deep purple flecks, and bright olive-green buds — of course, covered in sparkling trichomes. 

Malasadaz Flower Effects

  • Elevated Mood: Users often report a significant mood uplift after consuming Malasadaz.
  • Pain Relief: A standout feature of this strain is its ability to address various pain needs, making it a top choice for those looking for relief.
  • Relaxation: While it uplifts the mood, it also provides a soothing relaxation, perfect for unwinding.

Like other cannabis strains, it’s possible to experience dry mouth or increased appetite with Malasadaz. As always, ensure you’re hydrated and consuming responsibly.

Malasadaz Strain Uses

Given its unique properties, Malasadaz is ideal for those moments of desired relaxation and mood elevation. It’s perfect for post-work relaxation or a serene morning routine. Its effects make it suitable for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

Malasadaz Cannabis Strain Lineage

The lineage of Malasadaz is still a topic of intrigue. What’s evident is that it’s a product of careful breeding, bringing together strains that offer unique flavors and effects. As more is discovered about its parentage and related strains, enthusiasts will surely be keen to explore. However, we do know that it is related to the Cereal Milk strain, an indica-dominant hybrid.



Malasadaz is a unique cannabis strain known for its tasty name and combination of earthy undertones and sugar-berry flavors. This strain is a part of the Sherbzilla brand, known for its quality and consistency.

The exact lineage of Malasadaz is still under exploration, but its effects and flavors point to a rich heritage. We do know Cereal Milk is a parent strain, though!

Detailed visual descriptions are forthcoming, but initial accounts describe it as “absolutely beautiful.” When you visit Noa Botanicals, check out the flower to see it’s rich orange, purple, and deep green buds!

Malasadaz offers mood elevation, pain relief, calmness, and energetic but relaxing vibes.

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