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Cryotherapy for Faster Relief with Medical Cannabis

The introduction of our new Nano Water-Based Tinctures provided patients with a product that can offer faster-acting effects and relief. Our special nanoemulsification process and water-based formulation allowed for a wider range of infusion methods and applications. The versatility of our new Nano Water-Based Tinctures now means more consumption choices for our patients.

We are proud to introduce our new Honeydew Nano Tincture – a single-use, Honeydew flavored, water-based tincture that is best enjoyed frozen! Rather than using a dropper to measure your dose, these single-use nano tinctures are individually packaged and dosed with a targeted 10mg of THC for easy consumption.

There’s a range of ways to consume our single-use Honeydew Nano Tincture, so we’ve decided to list our top 3 favorite methods.

Freeze it

Put them in the freezer for a cool and refreshing experience! Freezing them may also provide a soothing medication alternative for oral conditions. Each individual Honeydew Nano Tincture is packaged as a liquid at room temperature.

Mix it

Add and mix it with your favorite beverage! They’re just as versatile as our bottled Nano Tincture. This is a medical cannabis product and should not be mixed with other medications or alcohol.

Drink it

It also tastes good on its own! Pour it over ice or drink it neat for a quick and delicious dose.

Dosage details 

Each 55ml individual package contains approximately 10mg of THC and is packaged for single-use. As with any medicated product, we always recommend starting low and slow until you find the dose that meets your needs. Onset times may vary from person to person. This is a medical cannabis product and should not be mixed with other medications or alcohol.  

It’s never been easier to chill out and seek faster-acting relief with our new single-use Nano Water-Based Tinctures! 

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