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Hawaii's First Nano Water-Based Cannabis Tincture

Noa Botanicals is proud to offer the patients of Hawaii the first nano water-based cannabis tincture! They’re fast-acting, easy to use, discreet, and can be used as a healthier alternative to inhalation and offer a more controlled, precise dosing experience. Using a special nanoemulsification process, our nano tincture may provide easier and faster relief. 

What is “Nano”?

Nano is a unit of measurement for things that are really, really tiny. By using a process called nanoemulsification, we’re able to take cannabis oil and transform it into incredibly tiny droplets. This allows the cannabis oil to be evenly suspended and easy to mix in water-based liquids without separation or having to shake before use. 

How is it fast-acting?

There are many products in the market that claim to be fast-acting, but to be truly fast-acting a product should be produced using a special nanoemulsification process. By doing so, it helps to make the absorption of cannabinoids more efficient, which can result in faster-acting onset times. Normal cannabis oil droplets are larger in size and can take a longer time for the body to completely absorb. 

Easy to use & more ways to consume!

Our nano water-based tinctures mix well with almost any beverage or food. Oil-based tinctures will separate from water-based liquids and don’t mix evenly. You can use our nano tincture with a wide variety of liquids such as juice, soda, coffee, soups, salad dressings, or your favorite boba tea!

Dosage details 

Each 30ml bottle contains approximately 100mg of THC and each dropper dispenses a targeted 3.3mg (1ml) serving. As with any medicated product, we always recommend starting low and slow until you find the dose that meets your needs.

Onset times may vary from person to person.

This is a medical cannabis product and should not be mixed with other medications or alcohol. 

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