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Noa Botanicals Celebrates First Legal Pre-Roll Sale in Hawaii!

Noa Botanicals celebrates the first legal pre-roll sale in Hawaii!

Honolulu, Hawaii – April 12, 2024 – Medicinal cannabis patients across Hawaii celebrated today as Noa Botanicals sold the first cannabis pre-rolls in the State.

The governor’s approval of the rule change to allow pre-roll sales came just a day following state lawmakers’ decision not to advance a recreational marijuana legalization bill. Despite a rich cannabis culture and being the first state in the country to legalize medicinal use, Hawaii looks to be in the latter half of states to pass adult use cannabis legislation. Governor Green has expressed commitment to ease the state’s rules for medical marijuana which currently require burdensome prescriber costs and state fees to obtain a medical (329) card.

Noa Botanicals is one of eight state-licensed dispensaries in Hawaii and one of three on the most populated island of O‘ahu. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer pre-rolled cannabis products to our patients, providing them with convenient and accessible options for their medical needs,” said Kar Laulusa, COO at Noa Botanicals. “The availability of legal pre-rolls at Noa Botanicals represents a small but significant step forward in normalizing cannabis consumption and eliminating stigma. We envision a Hawaii in which cannabis brings the community together, is celebrated for its many benefits, and is readily accessible to those who need it. Noa Botanicals is committed to being a trusted source of medicinal cannabis products and information in Hawaii, sharing aloha and lāʻau lapaʻau (plant medicine).”

The state rules dictate pre-rolls in Hawaii only consist of cannabis flower, use unbleached paper, may not have any flavor, color, or concentrate additive, and may not contain more than one gram of cannabis. Other dispensaries are soon to follow with pre-rolls representing a significant share of the market in other states.

For more information about Noa Botanicals and its range of medical cannabis products, please visit www.noacares.com or contact info@noacares.com. For information on obtaining a medical card as a resident or prior to visiting Hawaii, visit the Hawaii Department of health website https://health.hawaii.gov/medicalcannabisregistry/.

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