THC infused Fruit Punch Drink Mix featuring noa botanicals and hawaiian alchemist.

A Refreshing Partnership: THC Infused Fruit Punch Drink Mix by Noa Botanicals: Oahu’s Premier Cannabis Dispensary and Local Culinary Master- The Hawaiian Alchemist!

We are thrilled to unveil a special collaboration between our esteemed medicinal cannabis dispensary and the talented local chef, The Hawaiian Alchemist. Together, we’ve created something truly unique: a THC infused fruit punch drink mix that combines the benefits of cannabis with delicious tropical flavors.

Our THC-infused fruit punch combines tropical flavors with the benefits of cannabis, offering a delightful way to enjoy a refreshing drink with a twist. Crafted with care by our expert chef partner, each serving is infused with precisely measured THC for a consistent, enjoyable, and tasty experience.

This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to innovation and supporting local talent. By partnering with skilled chef, The Hawaiian Alchemist, we’ve elevated the cannabis experience to new heights, offering a delightful drink mix that captures the essence of Hawaii.

Whether you’re enjoying with your favorite meal or simply want to unwind with a flavorful beverage, our THC infused fruit punch mix is a must-try. Visit any of our three Oahu dispensary locations on Saturday April 20th to try this exciting collaboration and explore our full range of premium medicinal cannabis products.

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