We’ve always been curious how cannabis strains ended up with the names we know them so well by today. While some strains are named after more obvious reasons such as smell or taste (like our latest release, Orange Bang), others aren’t as easy to pinpoint. Sputnick? Gorilla Glue? Cinderella-99? Where do all these names come from?

Like our own names, some are unique simply because they strike significant meaning to our parents, while others are passed on from our grandparents or great-grandparents. Strain naming follow similar patterns; in other words, there really is no scientific rule for breeders to follow.

Cannabis naming conventions are most commonly derived from a number of traits including a strain’s potential effect on patients, the country of origin, its unique aromas, combined genetic background, or simply a cannabis breeder’s sense of humor. Skunk, Lavender, and Chemdawg for example were named after their unique aromas while others were named for icons of the cannabis community like Jack Herer and Willie Nelson. Orange Bang and Strawberry Tahoe achieve fruity flavors, thus earning their names which explain the flavors patients can expect when consumed.

Check out some of our popular strains here at Noa and take a guess on the origin of their name simply based off their descriptions:

Orange Bang Cannabis from Noa Botanicals

Orange Bang: This uplifting hybrid gets its name from the combination of two strains: Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper. As one may guess, this strain will leave you with the wonderful aroma’s of citrus.





Gorilla Glue 4 from Noa Botanicals

Mr. Clean: This Sativa Dominant strain has pungent, lemony flavors with effects that may include a relaxing state of euphoria while remaining clear headed and focused.





Cinderella 99 from Noa Botanicals

Cinderella-99: The child of Jack Herer & Shiva Skunk, Cinderella-99, or simply C99, is best known for her potent cerebral high with dreamy, euphoric & uplifting effects.





Strawberry Tahoe by Noa Botanicals

Strawberry Tahoe: A sativa-dominant hybrid known for its great taste and long lasting effects, Strawberry Tahoe’s berry flavor is herbal, sweet, spicy, and lemony. Its aroma is earthy, very spicy, sweet, strawberries and pungent.