Budtender Pick of the Week: Gold Dropz Strain Flower

A container of marijuana sitting on top of a counter.

Budtender review by Kyla: “One of my top favorite strains from Noa Botanicals is called Gold Dropz. I enjoy the creativity that it provides me and wanting to get in touch with nature at the beginning of my experience right after consuming. I receive body relaxation for the most part. It aids in my back […]

New Strain: Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda triangle cannabis weed strain with THC at Noa Botanicals in Hawaii.

Introducing our 1st new strain release of 2024 – the Bermuda Triangle cannabis strain: where your worries may mysteriously disappear! Get ready to embark on an adventure with the amazing flavors and unique effects that Bermuda Triangle has to offer. At Noa Botanicals, we strive to provide positive experiences for our patients by offering unrivaled […]

Budtender Pick of the Week: Purple Liliko’i Strain Rosin

A person holding a small container with a brown liquid in it, showcasing the Purple Liliko'i Strain.

Budtender review from Josh “The Purple Liliko’i rosin is a tasty and efficient way to medicate. Strong enough to ease pain while the pleasant mind high keeps you going throughout the day.” Shop Now! Purple Liliko’i rosin is a stand out in the world of cannabis for its unique characteristics and versatile effects. Its genetics, […]

Budtender Pick of the Week: Trop G flower

A man holding a jar of marijuana.

Budtender review by Jay:   “I love Trop G because it’s euphoric, uplifting, and helps with my creative thinking. It has yummy sweet pine flavor and earthy and citrus  on the exhale.” Shop Now! Trop G Strain Info Trop G is a distinct and popular cannabis strain highly favored by enthusiasts for its unique characteristics. This […]

New Strain: Apple Mints

27th new strain of 2023 is Apple Mints.

Apple Mints is our 27th new strain release of 2023! This is a special, cannabinoid and terpene rich strain, and limited harvest that was harvested just in time for the holiday season. Get ready to enjoy the flavorful and couch-locking Apple Mints strain! At Noa Botanicals, we strive to provide positive experiences for our patients […]

Get to Know 11-Hydroxy-THC

A woman in a lab coat is holding a bottle of cbd oil.

Get to Know 11-Hydroxy-THC Did you know that how you consume THC actually changes how your body processes THC and how THC affects you? Well, it does — dramatically. When you either smoke cannabis or vape cannabis, THC is absorbed directly into your bloodstream. The effects are felt immediately and fade rapidly, typically in under […]

Learn About Terpene Side Effects

Cbd oranges, pine cones, and cannabis leaves on a white background.

Learn About Terpene Side Effects At our medical dispensary, we’re not just about providing premium medicinal cannabis but also about immersing our community in the holistic knowledge of our favorite plant. Today, we’re diving into something intriguing: terpene side effects. These aromatic compounds are why that fresh jar of your chosen strain greets you with […]

New Strain: Green Ribbon

Noa green ribbon cbd.

Green Ribbon is our 26th new strain release of 2023! This is a special heirloom strain with a rich old-school history, and was grown in very limited quantities by the Noa Botanicals cultivation team. Get ready to experience a blast from the past and enjoy everything that Green Ribbon has to offer! At Noa Botanicals, […]

Blue Dream Strain: Everything To Know

A close up of a black marijuana plant.

Blue Dream Strain: Everything To Know A longtime favorite of many cannabis patients, Blue Dream has a reputation for relaxation and soothing relief. This strain became an overnight sensation when it was first bred and is still celebrated by patients today. Just what is it that makes Blue Dream stand out from the crowd? Explore […]

Sundae Driver Strain: Everything To Know

A pile of marijuana on a white background.

Sundae Driver Strain: Everything To Know Sundae Driver combines prime genetics and delightful flavors to bring you a cannabis experience that melts away stress and anxiety. If you’re looking for a laid-back Sunday without the scaries, this strain could be the perfect fit for you. Sundae Driver Strain: What’s It All About? Sundae Driver is […]

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