Aging Well : More Seniors Using Medical Cannabis

More seniors are turning to medical marijuana to ease their pain. The National Council on Aging says from 2006 to 2013, cannabis use among seniors increased by 250%. One Hawaii dispensary told KITV4 it’s not surprised. Medical marijuana for pain and PTSD is what Waikiki resident Ron Van Clief uses. “When I leave the gym, […]

How Do Cannabis Strains Get Their Names?

We’ve always been curious how cannabis strains ended up with the names we know them so well by today. While some strains are named after more obvious reasons such as smell or taste (like our latest release, Orange Bang), others aren’t as easy to pinpoint. Sputnick? Gorilla Glue? Cinderella-99? Where do all these names come […]

The Origin of 420 – Stories and Myths of This Popular Date

There are a few popular stories and myths told about the origin of 420 and how this date came to be the most significant day in the world of cannabis. And while some still think the origin of 420 came from police codes, many credible sources online actually point to a different truth. Myth: The […]

Employee Spotlight: Jason Kaga

Our team members are the core of Noa Botanicals. We truly believe that we employ the best in-store product specialists who make your experience at our dispensaries informative and filled with aloha. Meet Jason, our Assistant Manager who mainly works at our Kāne’ohe dispensary. Here are a few fun facts he shared when we asked […]

Employee Spotlight: Nohea

Meet Nohea, Product Specialist at our Kāne’ohe dispensary. We recently asked Nohea about her journey with medicinal cannabis, and here’s what she had to share! How long you’ve worked at Noa Botanicals? I’ve been with Noa Botanicals for 5 months now. What do you like most about working at Noa Botanicals? What I enjoy most […]

Employee Spotlight: Alika

Meet Alika, who oversees our Facility Maintenance at our Noa Botanicals grow facility. Our grow facility is integral to our operation and Alika ensures that everything is properly executed from start to finish. We asked him a few questions about his work: How long have you worked at Noa Botanicals?I’ve been with Noa for around […]

Employee Spotlight: Daniel

Meet Daniel, one of our knowledgable and friendly Product Specialists at our Honolulu dispensary! We asked him a few questions about his work at Noa and here’s what he had to say: How long have you worked at Noa Botanicals?I’ve been with Noa for one and a half years. What do you like most about […]

Employee Spotlight: Ralph

Meet Ralph, our awesome Cultivation Manager at Noa Botanical’s grow facility. Ralph oversees our cannabis plants from the time that they’re baby saplings all the way until it’s time to harvest. Here’s what Ralph said about his work at Noa Botanicals: How long have you worked at Noa Botanicals?I’ve been the Cultivation Manager at Noa […]

Noa’s Statement on Vaping Safety

Recently, vaping-related lung illnesses have been reported throughout the country. Investigations have begun to point to illicit or counterfeit vaping products sold on the black market. These products are typically made with solvents and ingredients that are harmful when inhaled and have not been laboratory tested. We want to assure all of our patients that […]