Meet Daniel, one of our knowledgable and friendly Product Specialists at our Honolulu dispensary! We asked him a few questions about his work at Noa and here’s what he had to say:

How long have you worked at Noa Botanicals?
I’ve been with Noa for one and a half years.

What do you like most about working at Noa Botanicals?
My fellow coworkers are top of the line, hilarious, and make every shift enjoyable.

What are some of your favorite strains/products & why?
Orange Bang is hands down my favorite sativa. It gives me pain relief, the flavor is subtle yet poignant, smells great and its ideal for work sessions and projects. Green Crack is also a long time favorite! I knew it was a perfect match at first whiff! The flavor profile is ideal, energy boost is appreciated, and the creative flows it provides really inspire to get up get out and get things done.

Why should patients choose Noa Botanicals?
Patients should choose Noa Botanicals because no other company can offer them such amazing customer service, high quality cannabis products, and this company has been involved in the community prior to it opening for business. The customers’ experiences inside the store where they are learning about ways to heal, engaging in genuine conversations and enjoying themselves hopefully carry over to their lives outside of the store. We aim to make sure they are prepared emotionally and medically for the whatever the world has to throw at them.

Fun Fact:
Fun fact is that I dance and have been a dancer for the past 13 years. I no longer conduct choreography classes but have assisted in several plays and other community art/dance events. I dance hip hop, ballet, contemporary, jazz, break dance, salsa, and bachata.