Meet Brianna, our Product Specialist and newest Team Lead at our Honolulu dispensary! Brianna is super knowledgable about all of our products and she’s here to help you on your wellness journey! We asked her a few questions about her work at Noa Botanicals:

How long have you worked at Noa Botanicals?
I started working with Noa Botanicals at the end of January 2019, so about 8 months now.

What do you like most about working at Noa Botanicals?
I really like seeing the new developments the industry and state has to offer patients, myself included. It’s also such a joy seeing this amazing medicine help so many different people in different ways.

What are some of your favorite strains/products & why?
I’m a huge fan of all things Querkle! No matter what life throws at me, it always puts me in the best of moods. I have also been really enjoying our RSO. Just a little bit goes a long way. It helps me with my overall pain, moving easier and balancing my appetite.

Why should patients choose Noa Botanicals?
I think patients should choose Noa Botanicals because of the quality, consistency, and variety of products that are carried. the peace of mind knowing what I’m consuming is clean, and thoroughly tested is also a plus.

Fun Fact:
I love dogs! I walk dogs on my days off even though I’m fairly allergic to them.